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Model No. S31RED

Red Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlock, 1-3/8in (35mm) Wide with 1-1/2in (38mm) Tall Stainless Steel Shackle, Key Retaining

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Overview & Features

Product Features

  • S31 Global Thermoplastic Safety Padlock
  • 3/16in (4.76mm) diameter shackle fits more applications
  • Marine Grade 316 stainless steel shackle provides superior corrosion resistance
  • 1-3/8in (35mm) wide, 1-7/8in (48mm) tall Thermoplastic red body, with 1-1/2in (38mm) shackle clearance
  • Patented design complies with the OSHA guideline of "One Employee, One Lock, One Key" directive
  • Key Retaining - ensures padlock is not accidentally left unlocked
  • Stands up to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and is UV stable
  • Includes English write-on "Danger" and "Property Of" labels; 14 language options available for global identification purposes
  • S142 Photo identification label available for immediate user recognition
  • Keyed different, 6-pin tumbler with over 40,000 available key changes cylinder

Product Details

The Master Lock No. S31RED Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlock features a 1-3/8in (35mm) wide plastic red body and a 1-1/2in (38mm) tall, 3/16in (5mm) diameter Marine Grade 316 stainless steel shackle for superior corrosion resistance. Ideal for corrosive environments, lock body stands up to chemicals, temperature extremes and is UV stable. Designed exclusively for Lockout/Tagout applications the durable, lightweight, lock body is easy to carry and padlock features high security, reserved-for-safety cylinder with key retaining, to ensure padlock is not left unlocked.

Product Specifications

  • Product Number S31RED
  • Body Width 35mm
  • Shackle Dimensions A: 5 mm B: 38 mm C: 16 mm
  • Colour Red
  • Description Keyed Different, Commercial Boxed Packaging
  • Shelf Pack Qty 6
  • Master Carton Qty 36
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