About Edge Key Control

Master Lock Edge Key Control

Exclusive & patented system from the Master Lock Company

What is Key Control?

Authorized Key Management

You establish and control who is authorized to purchase copies of your facility's keys and where the duplicates are made.

Additional Security Method

Key control is distinct from, and in addition to, the physical security of padlocks.

What is Edge®?

Total Control & Protection

With Edge® Key Control, a customer is assigned an innovative, virtual keyway - a patented and exclusive cylinder and key design by Master Lock Company.

Master Lock Company controls all key blanks. You authorize where copies can be made - your locksmith, your security distributor or strictly from the Master Lock Company. The designated source will only duplicate keys under your authorization.

Cost Effective

Edge® is available across our broad line of American Lock and Master Lock padlocks at an affordable cost. Retrofit Edge® Key Control into your existing locksets & expand your padlocks as needed.

Single Key Convenience

Implement a single key control system across the padlocks throughout your facility gates, fleet vehicles, portable equipment and more.

Success stories

Why Edge® Key Control?

Master Lock Edge Lock Collage of Padlocks
  • Increase management and control of your facility's physical security
  • Protect against unauthorized key duplication
  • A single keying system across your facility's padlock security
  • An affordable solution
  • Durable and reliable security products and keys that withstand strenuous use

Available Across Master Lock’s broad lineup

Edge® Key Control is available across Master Lock’s broad line of American Lock and Master Lock padlocks. It's great for truck doors, business gates, business fronts and more.

Working together, we assure that only authorized individuals obtain duplicate keys to your facility.