The Master Lock Bluetooth® padlock is one of my favorite gadgets of 2015. Rick L. - Sports Tech Writer

4400 & 4401 Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> Padlocks

Access. Remastered.

Master Lock Bluetooth® Padlocks put control in the palm of your hand, so you can protect what matters most in your life. Unlock your lock, share access with guests, and monitor activity - all with one easy-to-use app.

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No Keys

No Keys

No Combination

No Combos

No keys no combos

Get lost, lost keys - and forget combos for good. With this Bluetooth® padlock, your key is your phone.

Master Lock has always been my #1 choice in locks for reliability and durability. These new locks are no exception. They are rugged, and have the heft and strength you come to expect from Master Lock. Todd C. - Geek News Central

Access your lock, your way

Whether you have your phone or not, you're always in control. Have your phone? Touch any button on the lock and open it. Phone not available? Just enter the directional code on your lock keypad.

Phone Plus 4401 Padlock 4400 Padlock Equals
Mower Toolbox Kayak
Tool Storage Chest Locker

Advanced security

Give people access to your lock without risk of giving out keys or combinations. Simply give them all day access or limit access to day or night.

Home. Remastered.

Use your phone to give someone access without having to run home from work. Perfect for when your neighbor's son is ready to mow your lawn.

Leisure. Remastered.

Tamper alerts give you peace of mind while on vacation, so you can focus on what's really important: creating memories with your family.

Work. Remastered.

Easily manage your workforce's access to key areas and keep an effortless log of employee entry that you can bring up anytime, anywhere.

Unlock With Phone View Guests On Phone Tamper Warnings On Phone

Home. Remastered.

Unlock With Phone

Leisure. Remastered.

View Guests On Phone
  • Indoor Lock Specs

    4400 Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> Padlock Specs
    • Lock width: 1.9"
    • Lock depth: 1.1"
    • Lock height (including shackle): 3.06"
    • Vertical shackle clearance: .875"
    • Horizontal shackle clearance: .875"
    • Shackle diameter: .281"
    • Battery (replaceable): CR2450
    • Jump battery: CR2450
    • Weather resistant: No
  • Outdoor Lock Specs

    4401 Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> Padlock Specs
    • Lock width: 2.22"
    • Lock depth: 1.1"
    • Lock height (including shackle): 5.29"
    • Vertical shackle clearance: 2"
    • Horizontal shackle clearance: .9375"
    • Shackle diameter: .36"
    • Battery (replaceable): CR2
    • Jump battery: 9V
    • Weather resistant: Yes
  • The App

    Phone App

    Where can I find the app?

    The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Click below or search for "Master Lock Vault eLocks" in the app stores.

    Download on the Apple App Store Android App on Google Play
  • FAQs

    How long will the 4400 series battery last?
    The 4400 series battery should last at least 2 years in Touch Unlock Mode and 4 months in Swipe Unlock Mode with regular use.
    How long will the 4401 series battery last?
    The 4401 series battery should last 5 years in Touch Unlock Mode and 2 years in Swipe Unlock Mode with regular use.
    What if my phone is lost or stolen?
    See Reset Keys.
    What if my lock battery dies?
    If the lock battery dies while the lock is closed, it can be unlocked using an external battery. See Unlock With External Battery.

Personal Use Hardware & Software

4401 Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> Padlock

Outdoor Personal Use
bluetooth® padlock

Model #4401EURLHEC Outdoor

I personally have applications at my summer cabin that would benefit from this type of device and I'll be purchasing the outdoor version soon. Bill K. - The Gadgeteer

4400 Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> Padlock

Indoor Personal Use
bluetooth® padlock

Model #4400EUREC Indoor