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Model No. 7804704EURD

Set of no. 704 straight bar hasp + 40mm weather resistant keyed padlock

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Security Level:

Basic to medium security:Generally recommended for indoor general purpose

Overview & Features

Product Features

  • Set of a straight bar hasp and a resettable combination padlock
  • 110mm Hard wrought steel body
  • Zinc plated hardened steel for added strength and weatherability
  • Hardened steel staple resist cutting and sawing
  • Hardened steel locking eye for strong cut resistance
  • Tamper proof hinge for pry resistance
  • 40mm Wide thermoplastic covered laminated steel padlock
  • Thermoplastic covered steel shackle for good bolt-cutter and strong rust resistance
  • Precision pin tumbler mechanism to prevent from picking
  • Mounting hardware included for easy installation

Product Details

The Master Lock No. 7804704EURD features a 40mm Keyed Covered Laminated Steel Padlock with 110mm Hasp made of zinc plated hard wrought steel for strength, and corrosion resistance. The ribbed hasp plate offers extra strength, and hardened steel locking eye provides strong cut resistance. The laminated steel lock body with thermoplastic cover offers strength, and corrosion resistance. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Product Specifications

  • Product Number 7804704EURD
  • Shackle Dimensions A: 10 mm B: 29 mm C: 16 mm
  • Colour Black
  • Description
  • Shelf Pack Qty 4
  • Master Carton Qty 24
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