Unlock Modes

Unlock Mode

There are two ways you can unlock your lock via a Bluetooth enabled device:

Touch (Default Mode):

  1. Press any button on the lock keypad to wake up the lock. The lock will light blue.
  2. If an authorized device is within range, the lock will unlock and light green.
  3. Open the lock.

Swipe (currently Beta):

  1. When the lock is within range:
    • Swipe left in the Locks list, or,
    • Swipe down on the Lock detail screen, or,
    • Touch the notification (if notifications are enabled)
  2. The lock will unlock and light green.
  3. Open the lock.

Note: Swipe Unlock Mode can negatively impact battery life to a greater degree than Touch Unlock Mode.

To change the Unlock Mode:

  1. Select the lock from the Locks list.
  2. Touch manage lock in the upper right corner. Enter your passcode, if prompted.
  3. Touch the settings icon Settings Icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Touch unlock mode.
  5. Touch change unlock mode, if prompted.
  6. Select your preferred unlock mode.
  7. Touch save.
  8. Follow any additional instructions in the app to save the changes to your lock.