Blind Flange Lockout

Easy to use, adjustable device provides a best-in-class solution for pipeline maintenance.

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Blind Flange Lockout

Best practice lockout solution
for pipeline maintenance

  • During pipeline maintenance, closed valves upstream could fail or residual material in the line may not be fully drained. These create potential exposure to downstream workers to chemicals, flammable gasses, oil, steam and other risks.
  • Use of a blind on a flange pipe is required by OSHA and provides a physical barrier against the unintentional release of energy.
  • The new blind flange lockout device provides the best practice solution to improve compliance and control of potential hazards. It ensures the blind will not unintentionally be removed until all work is complete and all personal safety locks are removed.

Blind Flange Lockout

An effective, locked out, physical barrier that helps prevent the removal of the blind until all workers have completed maintenance and remove their personal safety padlock.

Blind Flange
Expand to learn more Three sizes available to cover and lock out nuts ranging from 3/4in (19mm) to 2-3/4in (69.9mm) diameter Expand to learn more Adjustable device provides a tight fit, adapting to multiple flanged pipe applications Expand to learn more Device fully conceals flange bolts preventing access to the blind until all work has been completed Expand to learn more Four locking holes allow for multiple workers to lockout device at one time Expand to learn more Durable aluminum and hardened steel construction withstands conditions indoors and out

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Video: Blind Flange Lockout Installation

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S3922 S3923 S3924
Model Number S3922 S3923 S3924
Description Blind Lockout Device, Small Blind Lockout Device, Medium Blind Lockout Device, Large
Recommended Nut Diameter 3/4in - 1-1/8in
(19mm - 28.7mm)
1in - 1-7/8in
(33.3mm - 47.8mm)
2in - 2-3/4in
(52.3mm - 69.9mm)
Pipe Diameter Range 1/2in - 3in
(12.7mm - 76.2mm)
3-1/2in - 12in
(88.9mm - 304.8mm)
14in - 24in
(355.6mm - 609.6mm)
Pipe Flange Width Range 1-1/2in - 5-5/8in
(38.1mm - 143.3mm)
3-3/4in - 10-3/4in
(95.3mm - 274.6mm)
7-3/4in - 17-7/8in
(196.9mm - 447.8mm)
Max Shackle Diameter 9/32in (7mm) 9/32in (7mm) 9/32in (7mm)
Material Powder coated aluminum with hardened steel slide bar Powder coated aluminum with hardened steel slide bar Powder coated aluminum with hardened steel slide bar
Operating Temperature -40°F – 200°F
(-40°C – 93.3°C)
-40°F – 200°F
(-40°C – 93.3°C)
-40°F – 200°F
(-40°C – 93.3°C)
Compliance Testing REACH, Prop 65 REACH, Prop 65 REACH, Prop 65
Individual Packaging 1 Unit, Commercial Bagged 1 Unit, Commercial Bagged 1 Unit, Commercial Bagged
Each UPC 071649274374 071649274381 071649274398
Master Carton QTY 6 Units 6 Units 6 Units
Master Carton UPC 10071649274371 10071649274388 10071649274395
List Price $71.95 $81.95 $119.95