Metal Detectable & Self Laminating Photo ID Tags

Metal Detectable & Self Laminating Photo ID Tags

Product Benefits

  • Guardian Extreme™ Metal Detectable Tags

    Excellent for use in food processing and pharmaceutical facilities

    Guardian Extreme tags
    • Graphics are molded into rugged polypropylene – no peeling or scratching
    • FDA compliant additive is metal detectible
    • Engineered to withstand wash downs and extreme temperatures from -50° F (-45°C) to +220° F (104°C)
    • Superior chemical resistance to over 30 industrial chemicals
    • Withstands up to 90 lbs. (40.82kg) of pull force (Exceeds OSHA requirement)
  • S4800 Series – Self Laminating Photo ID Tags

    Personalized identification for authorized employees

    S4801 Series Self Laminating Photo ID Tags
    • Easily customize with worker name, department and photo for enhanced employee identification
    • Clear adhesive overlay allows tags to quickly be personalized on site
    • Compliant with OSHA 50 lbs. (22.68kg) pull force requirement
    • Available in English, French, Spanish and bilingual versions


  • Guardian Extreme™ Metal Detectable Tags: Rewrite & Reuse!

    Modify the message as often as needed

    • Wipe old message Wipe off current message with Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Writing new message Cleaned tag ready for next message – write new message with permanent marker
    • Finished message A brand new message ready for the application
    • Finished product in environment Apply with lockout/tagout device for effective identification
  • S4800 Series – Self Laminating Photo ID Tags: Personalize Your Lockout/Tagout System!

    Create personalized tags on-site as needed

    • Add information Add employee photo, name and department to tag
    • Peel backing from adhesive clear cover Peel backing from adhesive clear cover and seal over photo and employee ID fields
    • Ready for use Personalized tag is ready for use
    • Apply for enhanced employee identification Apply with lockout/tagout device for enhanced employee identification

Effective Identification Makes for Successful Lockout/Tagout

Wide range of options to suit any facilities' needs

Guardian Extreme tags

Guardian Extreme™ Tags

Graphics are fused into industrial grade polypropylene for the longest lasting tag available

Guardian Extreme Signs

Guardian Extreme™ Signs

10" H (254mm) x 14" W (356mm) signs prefect for indoor and outdoor use. Additional sizes available

Photo Identification Labels

Photo Identification Labels

Employee's picture is sealed under durable laminate to enhance employee identification

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics!

No limits to your custom graphics – exclusively with Guardian Extreme™ signs and tags. Use any image, graphic, color photo, drawing, text, language, map, or barcodes and fuse it in durable polypropylene. The possibilities are endless!

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Metal Detectable Tags Self-Laminating Photo ID Tags
Description Metal Detectable Tags Self-Laminating Photo ID Tags
Product Dimensions 3" W x 5.75" L
(76.2 x 135.63mm)
3.2" W x 5.8" L
(81.28 x 147.32mm)
Material Industrial Grade Polypropylene Polypropylene with PVC laminate overlay
Pull Force Up to 90 lbs (40.82kg) 50 lbs (22.68kg)
Thickness 60 mil
Chemical Resistance Resistant to over 30 chemicals including: Ammonia, Benzene, Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaners, Chlorine Bleach, Isopropanol, Wash Solvent Common industrial chemicals including: Isopropyl Alcohol, Methanol, Mineral Spirits, Kerosene, Toluene, Sodium Hydroxide*, Sodium Hypochlorite*, Sulfuric Acid*, Hydrochloric Acid* *Partially diluted
Operating Temperature Range -50° F to 200° F
(-45.55° C to 93.33° C)
-40° F to 200° F
(-45.55° C to 93.33° C)
Outdoor Resistance Over 4000 hours or 10 years of outdoor exposure
Top Selling Legends S4002MT: Do Not Operate safety tag, Metal Detectable

S4002LESLENMT: Do Not Operate safety tag, English/Spanish, Metal Detectable

S4060MT: Custom safety tag - Blank, Metal Detectable

S4058MT: Danger safety tag - Blank, Metal Detectable

S4046MT: Do Not Operate safety tag, Red, Metal Detectable

S4050MT: Do Not Operate This Equipment safety tag, Metal Detectable

S4051MT: Out of Order safety tag, Metal Detectable

S4017MT: Do Not Operate - Maintenance Department safety tag, Metal Detectable

S4043MT: Out of Service safety tag, Metal Detectable

S4033MT: Electrical Hazard safety tag, Metal Detectable
S4801: English

S4801LESLEN: Bilingual English/Spanish

S4801LFRLEN: Bilingual English/French

S4800LEN: English with European Danger Symbol

S4800LES: Spanish with European Danger Symbol

S4800LFR: French with European Danger Symbol

S4802LEN: English with U.K. Prohibition Symbol
Packaged Bag of 6 Tags Bag of 12 Tags
List Price / Bag $23.25 $28.80