Professional Lockout Services

  • Lockout Program Development
  • Written Lockout Procedures
  • Compliance Training
  • Inspections & Audits
Professional Lockout Services

Proven Expertise in Lockout Compliance

Continuous Improvement

Master Lock‘s team of lockout experts can ensure your facility is fully compliant through our systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing process.

We can help your company with:

  • Writing Lockout Program & Procedure Development
  • Compliance Training
  • Evolving Lockout Equipment Needs
  • Ongoing Required Evaluations

Lockout Program Development

Through an on-site consultation, our team will assess your workplace to develop a comprehensive lockout program.

  • Review your existing lockout program.
  • Evaluate your current lockout equipment and provide functional recommendations.
  • Conduct a workshop session to address site specific details for development of your updated lockout program.
  • Provide a written summary document that serves as your blueprint for implementing a lockout program within your facility.

Written Lockout Procedure Development

Written lockout procedure

Our team will conduct an in depth analysis of your working environment, evaluate inventory and facility layout to efficiently and accurately develop lockout procedures to meet your specific needs. The results are delivered in both electronic and laminated hard copy form, ready for immediate use within your facility.

Step 1

Equipment and Energy Source Identification

Step 2

Development of Lockout Procedures

Step 3

Customer Review and Approval

Step 4

Lockout Placard Printing and Application

Step 5

Staff Training and Management Consulting

Lockout Compliance Training

Customized lockout training tailored to your facility!

Option 1

Lockout For Management 24 Contact Hours On Site Develop or expand competencies in lockout program organization and creation, training employees, performing procedural and personnel auditing, and contractor participation in your lockout program.

Option 2

Lockout for Authorized Employees 2-3 Contact Hours On Site Lockout training for your personnel designed to meet all applicable regulatory requirements and address site specific lockout policies, procedures and equipment application techniques.

Option 3

Lockout for Affected Personnel 1 Contact Hour on Site Lockout training designed to meet all applicable regulatory requirements and address site specific responsibilities for affected personnel.

Inspection and Auditing Support

Periodic evaluation of the effectiveness and accuracy of written procedures in your facility is a regulatory requirement. Our comprehensive auditing service is performed on site to evaluate the following within your facility:

  • Content of your lockout program and recommendation for updates
  • Evaluation of your current written lockout procedures
  • Inspection of the performance of your authorized lockout personnel
  • Assessment of your lockout training methods
  • Review the status of action items
  • Verification of corrective actions taken to resolve past internal audits, related incidents or citations
  • Recommendations to improve compliance efforts following best industry practices

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