Double the Storage. Hundreds of Uses.

They’re sleek. They’re secure. They’re reliable. Our new line of lock boxes will keep your property safe while allowing convenient access.

The next generation of lock boxes.

With three new, unique models, you have more space and flexibility to put your lock box exactly where you need it. Uses include:

  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Home/Yard Services
  • Child/Elder/Pet Care
  • Vacation/Rental Properties
  • Businesses & Job Sites
  • Vehicles

Which model is right for you?

5481EURD - Wall Mounted Lock Box - Select Access

Permanent protection with an easy to install wall mounted lock box making it perfect for property owners.

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5480EURD - Portable Lock Box - Select Access

Secures to a doorknob making it ideal for real estate property and apartments for temporary storage.

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5482EURD - Cable Lock Box - Select Access

Maximum flexibility of installation so you can secure your keys in any location like a fence or shelving.

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Best-in-class protection.

With a durable solid metal body and double the storage capacity, you can keep more shapes and sizes of keys, fobs and cards secure.

Designed for ease.

Because when you need to protect something, your lock box just has to work. The integrated bin prevents jamming while ergonomic, easy-to-grip dials and one-step operation make opening painless.

A new way you can protect what matters most.

The durable weather-resistant cover snaps closed to protect the dials from the elements.

The removable shackle or cable lets you place the lock box where you need it to be.

Each works with the Master Lock Retractable Key Tether to prevent lost or misplaced keys.

Find the lock box that will work best for you.