Defective or Non-Functioning Locks FAQs

Q: I recently installed my deadbolt door lock, and it doesn't work. What should I do?


Usually, if the deadbolt doesn't work there is a problem with the tailpiece. When installing, make sure the tailpiece is horizontal when inserting it into the retracted bolt. Additionally, the dimple on the thumb turn shaft must point down.

If these fixes do not resolve your problem, please contact our support team. You will need to include photos of your installation.

Q: Why can I open my locked front door with a credit card?


Your strike plate is misaligned. To prevent your door from being carded, you'll need to realign your strike plate.

The strike plate has a lip that prevents the side pin from manipulation. If the strike plate doesn't block the side pin, a credit card or screwdriver can open the lock. When reinstalling your strike plate, make sure that the side pin is blocked.

Q: If my lock is broken, should I repair or replace it?


For personal safety and security, you should always replace your broken lock with a new one.

Q: How can I purchase replacement parts or file a warranty claim for my Master Lock door hardware?


Master Lock sold off an older division of door hardware products in 1997. While we are still honoring the warranty for these products, please note that we don’t have any replacement parts for door hardware made before 1997.

Please call 1-800-308-9244 for more information or view our current offerings.