Warranty FAQs

Q: I have Master Lock door hardware that was purchased prior to 2004 that requires warranty services. What should I do?


The phone number for warranty claims on door hardware produced prior to 2004 is 1-800-308-9244.

Q: Is my product covered under any Master Lock warranty? How do I find that information?


 Please follow these instructions to find your product warranty:

    1. Go to the keyword and product search in the upper right on masterlock.eu
    2. Enter your product number
    3. Go to the product detail page
    4. View the Product Warranty document in the Service & Support area

If you don’t know your product number, just search on your product type (such as "Door Hardware") and use the results to find your product.
If there is no "Product Warranty", then there is no warranty that applies to your product.