Keying & Custom Options

Locker Keying & Custom Options

Master Lock offers a variety of special services to customize your locker locks to best suit your organizations needs including colors, laser engraving, keying options & more.

Colored Dials

  • Choose a Color That Fits Your Organization

    Personalize your Master Lock Combination Locker Locks with color to complement your school or organization – available on the SmoothSpin™ Series, 1500 Series and the 1600 Series Built-In Combination locks (metal dials only). Choose from a variety of colors available including Green, Blue, Purple and more!

  • 1600 Series Built-In Combination Locks

    1600 Series Built-In Combination Locks

    Choose Your Color BLK RED BLU GRN PRP

  • 1500 Series Combination Padlocks

    1500 Series Combination Padlocks

    Choose Your Color BLU GRN ORG PRP RED GRY GLD

  • SmoothSpin™ Combination Padlocks

    SmoothSpin™ Combination Padlocks

    Choose Your Color BLU GRN RED PRP BLK

Custom Logo & Text

  • 1502 1525 1572 1585 Locks Engraved Dials
  • Add Logos or Text to Your Lock

    You can personalize the Master Lock Combination Locker Locks. Choose laser engraving or pad printing to add your organization‘s name or logo to the dial knob for enhanced aesthetics.

    1502 1525 1572 1585 Engraved Dials

    Laser engraving etches an image – logo or name, directly onto the dial, revealing the silver material underneath

    Pad printing paints the organization‘s logo or name on the dial surface. There is a one-time set up charge for the die which is then stored for future orders.

Bumpers & Back Case Printing

  • Bumpers & Back Case Printing
  • Add bumpers to your portable combination padlocks to reduce locker wear and noise. Available in black, red and blue.

    Specialized back case printing is available to add your custom text, engraved, in the back of your portable combination padlock.

Keying & Combination Options

  • Special Keying Options for Locker Locks

  • Keyed Alike
  • Keyed Alike

    One key opens all locks in a system

  • Group Alike
  • Group Keyed

    Four to seven people have access to the same full-length locker as well as to their individual box lockers

  • Master Alike
  • Master Keyed

    While each lock has its own key, the master key will open all locks within the system

  • Special Combination Options for Locker Locks

  • Combination Alike
  • Combination Alike

    Two or more locks available with identical combinations for added user convenience

Shackle Variations

  • Shackle Variations
  • Master Lock Portable Combination padlocks are available with multiple different shackle size options to be sure to fit your application.

    Shackle Variations Shackle Heights Shackle Material
    1502 22mm 38mm 51mm Hardened Steel
    1525 22mm 38mm 51mm Hardened Steel
    2076 22mm Hardened Steel
    2002 13mm 28mm Boron Alloy
    2010 13mm 28mm Boron Alloy
Installation & Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance

Master Lock provides information regarding product installation, changing combinations for built-in locks, replacement parts and product terminology.

Security Management

  • Security Management
  • Master Lock maintains an extensive database on each installation to maintain high security and to make it easy to add locks to your system. Security management is crucial to an installation. Extensive user registration eliminates duplicate serial numbers within an installation and avoids key system crossover by zip code. Replacement charts and control keys can only be ordered for users of registered systems. This is imperative to a secure system.

How To Instructions

Control Charting

Extension Kits

  • Master Lock extension kits allow you to install your Master Lock Built-In Locker Lock on most locker types.

    Built-In Combination Locks

    Built-In Combination Locks

    Extension kit enables standard Master Lock Nos. 1630, 1652, 1654, 1655, 1670, 1671 and 1690 combination locks to operate in 11/16in (17mm) to 3/4in (19mm) thick standard locker doors.

    Order No. 1654-0320

    Each Set Includes:

    • 1 Disc shaft extension
    • 1 Cylinder extension
    • 1 Clutch driver extension
    • 2 Screw extensions

    Assembly Instructions:

    1. Assemble Disc Shaft extension first, with “V” marker facing away from inner assembly. Turn part until seated into inner assembly
    2. Assemble cylinder extension into disc shaft extension with “V” marker facing away from inner assembly. Turn part until seated into disc shaft extension
    3. Assemble clutch driver extension over disc shaft extension with “V” marker facing away from inner assembly. Turn part until seated into inner assembly
    4. Assemble screw extensions to dial assembly
    5. Continue with standard Built-In combination lock installation instructions
    Multi-User Locks

    Multi-User Locks

    Extension kit enables Master Lock Nos. 3630, 3631 and 3670 multi-user locks to operate in 11/16in (17mm) to 3/4in (19mm) thick standard locker doors.

    Order No. 3630-0320

Parts & Terminology

  • Lock Parts & Names

    Lock Parts & Names

    1. Escutcheon Plate – corrosion resistant escutcheon plate hides mounting hardware and is designed to fit virtually any locker

    2. Locking Mechanism – choose from a variety of springbolt or deadbolt locking mechanisms to match your facility‘s locker styles and security requirements

    3. Dial – smooth-turning dial affords quick access. Five pre-programmed combinations available at the press of a button on all Built-In combination locks.

    4. Key Control Option – key control override feature allows quick access by supervisor or administrator. Available with both combination and Built-In locker locks.

    5. Shackle – choose from hardened steel (1502, 1525) or hardened steel alloy (2002, 2010) for maximum resistance to cutting and sawing.

    6. Case – Stainless steel outer case with cold-rolled steel inner case protects locking mechanism from severe physical attack.

  • Multi-User Locks

    Right- vs. Left- Hand Opening

    When facing the locker, if the hinges are on the right side, it is considered a right-hand opening locker. Conversely, if the hinge is on the left, it is a left-hand opening locker. Many locks are specified for either right-hand or left-hand opening lockers, so be sure to select the correct lock when ordering.

  • Locker Lock Terminology

    Key Controlled – locks which have a key override for supervisory access.

    Built-In – Locks which are bolted to a locker door.

    Built-In Key Lock – Locks opened with a key, which are bolted to a locker door. No combination.

    Pin Tumbler Lock (1710/1714) – Locks that have a pinned keyway for higher security.

    Dead Locking Latch on Bolt (1670) – Bolt which requires that the dial must be turned to engage the lock.

    Springbolt (1652/1654) – Spring loaded bolt which allows the lock to be locked without turning dial.

    Bolt Throw – Outward movement of bolt.

    Knob and Dial Assembly on Built-Ins – See supplemental parts sheet.

    Lift Latch (1630) – Vertical travel locking bolt engages lift handle locker mechanism.

    Wrap-Around Latch – Convenient, automatic slam-shut locking combined with automatic and secure dead bolt locking.