Care & Service of Master Lock Padlocks

Every Master Lock padlock is ruggedly built for long life and trouble-free service. With minimal care, your Master Lock padlock will provide security and smooth operation for many years to come.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your padlocks working efficiently:

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Over time, dust, particles and chemicals in the air settle on and in the lock. They can then create friction inside the precision locking and keying components and impede the performance of the lock.

Regular cleaning and lubrication every 3-6 months is recommended to keep your locks operating like new. Locks used in extremely dusty or corrosive environments should be cleaned and lubricated every three months. Regular lubrication will also help minimize freezing in cold weather environments.

  1. To clean the lock, use pressurized air to blow all dust out of the keyway and shackle openings.
  2. For optimal performance, lubricate your lock with Master Lock’s PTFE Lock Lubricant 2300D which is ideal for use with all locks.
  3. Lubricate both the keyway and the shackle. Use also to lubricate internal components of rekeyable locks.
  4. Apply lubricant sparingly. A very light spray(aerosol) or a few drops (pen oiler) is all that is needed.
  5. Allow lubricant to drain deep into the lock. Tapping the lock on a table will distribute the lubricant inside the lock and loosen frozen or sticking parts.
  6. After application, insert the key and open and close the lock several times to distribute the lubricant. Wipe excess lubricant off the lock, shackle and key. Let the lock air dry. Once dry, the lock is ready to be put back into use.
  7. NEVER use dry graphite, or a silicone lubricant. Graphite is often applied in excess, which interferes with part movement.