Keying: A Critical Component

  • LifeGuard
  • One Employee, One Lock, One Key

    It is important that each employee at a facility has a padlock key that is unique to them. Key charting is critical to prevent duplicate keys from entering the workplace and jeopardizing your lockout/tagout program.

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No Two Padlocks are the Same

  • Customizations
  • Master Lock Safety Solutions™ offers endless customization option for your safety padlocks to ensure your facility has a unique lock for each employee.

    Customization options include laser engraving, color options, padlock labels & more.

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Professional Lockout Services

  • Professional Lockout Services
  • Proven Expertise in Lockout Compliance

    Master Lock’s team of lockout experts can ensure your facility is fully compliant through our systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing process. Our team has years of experience writing procedures for companies across all industries. Whether you need to improve your existing procedures or develop an entirely new lockout program, we can help.

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